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Do you like to eat junk food or are you a healthy eater? People are obsessed with many different things like their pets, passion, loved ones, etc. However, food is the only necessity, without it you can die! So why not choose healthily and live longer? We’ve got you covered: Go to https://lasta.app/, a personalized health and wellness app, to get your healthy diet plans based on your body type.

Many people think that a healthy diet goes through a diet that gives you a lean, slender or model body, on the contrary, the truth is quite different! A healthy diet involves eating foods that are diverse in terms of nutrients. The goal is to take in the required amount of essential nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fats, etc. which strengthen your body, improve your mood and provide energy to your body.

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What should be taken into account to eat healthy?

Are you curious about what healthy eating looks like? Are you anxious to know if you are eating well or not? It is a proven fact that processed foods can never be a better choice than natural foods, such as fruits and vegetables, in their nutritional value and health benefits. Your diet should contain a good amount of vegetables and fruits, high in dietary fiber, antioxidants, vegetable proteins, vitamins and minerals. Limit the use of unhealthy fats that cause strokes and heart disease and replace them with unsaturated vegetable oils. Use a maximum of 10% sugar in your meals and reduce salt intake. Feeding your babies should be of utmost concern and we assure you that breastfeeding has no alternative!

A person is all of his habits. Healthy habits are the asset of the human being and bad habits are the uprooters, the same goes for eating habits! Here are some behaviors that can help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

· Instead of drinking sugary juices or soft drinks, drink plenty of water.

· Have a balanced diet rich in green vegetables.

· Choose whole grain foods like whole grain bread, oats, brown rice, etc.

· Eating consciously and slowly can cause an increase in satiety hormones. Eating so fast often leads to overeating because the brain lacks time to detect signals of satiety.

· It’s good if you add healthy items to your grocery list. You need direction to stay on track and stay away from junk food items in the store!

Have you ever heard of a downside to healthy eating? Nope! well having a balanced and proper diet only leaves you with the best version of your health! Listing the benefits of a healthy diet will be beyond anyone’s reach, however, the main ones are:

Reduced disease risk

Eating healthy foods will save you from many embarrassing or deadly diseases like health crises, type 2 diabetes, strokes, etc.

Effortless Weight Loss

Are you tired of being fat and chubby? Start eating a balanced diet with beans, dietary fiber, fruits and vegetables. A little pain to avoid sugar and foods high in saturated fat will provide the perfect figure. In addition to exercise, eating nutritious foods in the right proportions will lead to weight loss.

Cancer risk reduction

Antioxidants in nuts, legumes, vegetables, etc. prevent cell damage caused by free radicals, protecting you against deadly cancer.

Improved gut health

A healthy diet will keep the good bacteria in your gut, resulting in good digestion, some vitamin production, disease prevention, and better overall health.


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Eat healthy for a strong mind and a strong body!