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Published by: Tiyasha Sarkar | Posted: June 24, 2022 10:57 am| Updated: June 24, 2022 10:57 am

News Daily Digital Desk: How much nothing is done to love a pet. But that’s the way to marry a pet by reading vermilion! Yes, I was surprised to hear that a young man did such a thing. As soon as that picture spread on social media, a flood of condemnation started.

But what exactly is the matter? A picture has recently spread on social media. As you can see, there is a young man dressed as a groom. Wearing yellow Punjabi, necklace, topper on the head. Sitting next to her pet, just like a new bride! She also has a garland around her neck, wearing a red sari and a red tip on her forehead. Not only that, in one picture the young man is seen kissing the cheek of the ‘bride’. It has been learned through social media that the young man has married the pet. Again in the presence of the family. The photographer has also been called to take care of this day in the pages of memory!

[আরও পড়ুন: এ কী! ডিম ফাটাতেই বেরিয়ে এল ‘রক্ত’, শোরগোল বেলঘরিয়ায়]

Which is a storm of criticism. Everyone has questioned the mentality of the youth. Some people have raised the question, when everyone obeyed the rules, this time there will be a flower bed! Someone wrote in the comment, “You will go to Digha on your honeymoon”, someone wrote, “The mother called the boy a dog, the boy took it very seriously.” Although the young man did not comment on the matter. However, this is not the first time that Sarmeyer was married to a young woman in Jharkhand. That picture went viral in an instant. However, it was later found out that this marriage was to remove the guilt of Manglik.

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