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Active investigation in Lakeshore shocks residents ocn News Active investigation in Lakeshore shocks residents

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OCN News,

Residents around Brooks Street and Ivy Road were awakened by first responders on Friday.

“I looked outside and thought ‘Good God,'” resident Leonard Ferrari told CTV News Windsor on Friday. “It’s about six police cars [and an] ambulance.”

Resident Jonathan Parker also woke up when he started “seeing all the flashes [lights]from the first responders, so he walked out.

“And that’s when I saw them [paramedics] get the woman out in the stretcher and about 20 minutes later that’s when a man followed in a stretcher,” Parker said.

The two residents say the couple have lived in the neighborhood for many years.

“He worked for everyone here,” Ferrari said. “He always worked in my shed, installing the wiring [and] doors and windows. He’s a pretty good guy.

Essex County Provincial Police tweeted about the active investigation early Friday morning, advising there was no threat to public safety, but has not released further details since.

Ferrari and Parker both told CTV News that Windsor police questioned them for the investigation, asking if they had surveillance cameras.

“I say, ‘Yeah, I do it in one shed, but not another’ and he goes, ‘Ever heard anybody coming or anything? I said “No”, said Ferrari.

“We didn’t see or hear anything,” Parker told police. “We just saw what they were getting out of the house.”

Parker admits the situation left him feeling uneasy.

“I feel like I’m going to lock my doors and everything tonight,” he said.

The OPP has since cleared the scene.

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