Adarsh ​​used to run grocery shop after coming from school, murdered in front of brother ocn news

There is talk of some deep conspiracy behind one after the other incidents of violence in Bhilwara of Rajasthan. Recently there a Hindu youth named Adarsh ​​was murdered by Muslim minors. Not only was he stabbed in the chest, but his leg was also broken with a bar. After that, another youth was injured in a quarrel. The Hindu leader was attacked with an iron rod. Rajasthan is burning in communal fire. The conspiracy of riots is also being told behind the Bhilwara incident.

The women of Adarsh ​​Tapdia’s house are in a bad condition. Dainik Bhaskar has told in its ground report that the mother is still in shock and faints again and again after remembering her son. A CCTV footage has also surfaced, in which the three brothers are seen walking along the road. The youngest brother is 15 years old and his 8th exams are going on. He could not go to give the science paper of the board. He gets stunned only after remembering the incident of 10th May.

He told that when he was going to get juice at the grocery store, some boys told him to be thin and commented that the juice bottle is also thicker than him. Along with this, he also threatened to throw him down with a punch. When he told all this to his elder brother Adarsh, Adarsh ​​went and explained to those boys and advised his brother not to beat him. On returning home, a miscreant started threatening him by calling.

The middle brother Mayank also said sorry to that miscreant on the phone. After this, when the three brothers were leaving at 10 o’clock in the night, some boys stopped Adarsh ​​and started threatening him. Talked about teaching a lesson. The younger brother told that Mayank ran away on Adarsh’s call as Adarsh ​​had overtaken. There he saw that the miscreants were beating his brother. The miscreants fled with a knife, and there was only blood.

Mama says that this incident has been carried out by targeting. He said that the Mohalla of Muslims starts only after leaving two streets and children are harassed, while the police does nothing. Adarsh, who was studying in 11th standard, was preparing for police recruitment and also used to manage grocery shop after coming from school. His bike repairing workshop was closed three years ago after his father died of a heart attack. After that the mother-son opened a grocery store.