Armstrong ‘Big Brick’ Elementary School turns 100 – Okanagan OCN News

For 100 years, students at the grand, brick-built Armstrong Elementary School have been running through the halls and to celebrate, hundreds of people have thrown a party in the schoolyard.

“The vision our ancestors had 100 years ago to build a building like this is incredible, we are so happy to have it,” said Chris Pieper, Mayor of Armstrong.

“There’s a person here today who went to school here in the 1930s and they’re here today to celebrate and that’s what this is about.”

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The school opened on September 8, 1921. It had one entrance for boys and one entrance for girls and 10 classrooms. More than a hundred years later, students still attend classes there.

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The milestone was honored with a drum circle, a pole dance and speeches. Historians say the school was revolutionary for its time.

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“It was the first school bus system in British Columbia and it was the first consolidated school in British Columbia,” said Jessie Ann Gamble, Armstrong-Spallumcheen. Museum & Art Society.

“The mayor at the time and also the chairman of the school board was Jim Wright and he had this vision to close all the little rural schools and bring the kids to town so they could have a broader education.”

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The event celebrated Armstrong’s deep roots and also brought together former students and teachers.

The hope is that Armstrong Elementary School will last another 100 years, welcoming the children of Spallumcheen and Armstrong.