Auto LPG coalition demands policy on vehicle fuels to bolster weight of greener alternatives OCN NEWS

Stating that vehicle fuel policy dominated by petrol and diesel has not only been harmful to the environment but also economically taxing for the common man, India’s LPG Automotive Coalition on Saturday demanded a policy of vehicle fuel that would take notice of and give due importance and weight to alternative fuel options such as automatic LPG.

The transport sector contributes 14% of CO2 emissions and 60% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, even as air pollution contributes nearly 10% of the disease burden in the country, he said. All the metropolitan cities of India are facing the problem of rising levels of air pollution. India is rigorously pushing Electric Vehicles (EV) as one of the solutions to reach Net Zero by 2070.

“A vehicle fuel policy is therefore very important from the point of view of urban air pollution. Auto LPG emits an almost negligible amount of 2.5 particulate matter compared to gasoline and diesel,” said Suyash Gupta, Indian Auto LPG Coalition, Managing Director.

Electricity generation in India is still carbon intensive. Setting up charging facilities and other infrastructure for electric vehicles would require additional and substantial investment, he said.

“As the country faces irreversible ramifications of climate change and air pollution is a significant component of this multi-faceted challenge, we have to start somewhere. And tackling air pollution, especially in our urban centers, must become an immediate political priority for authorities,” Gupta said in a statement.

The Auto LPG Coalition, however, praised the government for balancing the need for a growing economy like India with the imperative to ensure a carbon-free and cleaner environment. “However, we need to provide an appropriate policy environment for alternative vehicle fuels such as automotive LPG in the immediate future. Auto LPG already has a readily available and functioning infrastructure across the country.”

“All the government needs to do is reduce GST on automotive LPG as well as conversion kits backed by a relaxation of type approval standards on these. This will immediately address the environmental and economic concerns of the common man,” demanded Gupta.

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