Bagtui Massacre: ‘Bhadu’s followers bought 5 liters of oil to set fire to the house on Anarul’s instructions’, explosive information in CBI chargesheet. Bagtui massacre The CBI has mentioned about Anarul Hossain in the chargesheet ocn news

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Bagtui Massacre: The CBI chargesheet mentions more explosive information. On the night of the incident, the villagers called the police station. Anarul was also called.

Birbhum: What exactly happened on the night of March 21? More explosive information is mentioned in the CBI chargesheet. According to the CBI chargesheet, Vadhu Sheikh’s followers bought 5 liters of petrol from a petrol pump at Rampurhat Munsuba intersection. They then entered the village and set fire to multiple houses. They set fire to the houses of Sona Sheikh and others. After Vadu’s murder, Anarul incited revenge in the hospital. The CBI has mentioned in the chargesheet that petrol was bought on the instructions of Anarul.

From the very beginning, the CBI has mentioned Anarul Hossain as the mastermind in this incident. In their words, ‘Anarulai Bogutui is the mastermind of the genocide.’ At the instigation of Anarul, a massacre took place in the village. According to the CBI, Anarulai went to Rampurhat Hospital after the murder of Vadhu Sheikh and provoked the angry crowd. After that provocation, the mad crowd went to the village with bombs, sticks and petrol. Vandalized, set on fire.

The CBI chargesheet contains more explosive information. On the night of the incident, the villagers called the police station. Anarul was also called. It was reported that the house was being set on fire. The bomb is being dropped. Anarul Naki then said, “We are avenging the murder of Vadhu Sheikh. They hit. Nothing to do. The police will not go either. ” The CBI also mentioned in the chargesheet the whole conversation.

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According to CBI sources, the police were also called at night from the house of the victim Sona Sheikh. According to the CBI, Rampurhat police sub-inspector Ramesh Saha was called more than once from Sona Sheikh’s house on the night of March 21. Ramesh picked up the phone once. Talk for 23 seconds. The CBI chargesheet also mentioned that the fire brigade came at night after receiving the call. Incidentally, the CBI is taking tougher action against Anarul. A new case is being filed against him. An application has been made to add Section 109 of the Indian Penal Code. Anarul has been accused of inciting crime.