CBSE 12th results ahead of 10th as state universities begin admissions process OCN NEWS

As state universities across India begin their assessment process, it is very likely that the results of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) class 12 examination will also be released soon. To ensure board students are not at a disadvantage, the CBSE is likely to announce class 12 results before class 10. Most state boards have already announced their results and it is now time for the central council to announce the same.

The board has already announced special arrangements to ensure a fair and timely assessment. To verify response scripts, CBSE has set up a large number of assessment centers. The number of copies to be recorded each day has also been increased. The board previously said it plans to involve more teachers in the answer sheet verification process.

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This year, the council is trying to announce the results more quickly. Compared to the pre-pandemic period, the number of assessment centers has increased. This year’s exams had only 50% of the syllabus and the written exams will be shorter than before. For each subject, the evaluation time will be limited or will be done within a particular time frame to ensure timely verification and calculation of results.

The CBSE will also put in place central nodal supervisors to oversee the running of the centres, each of which will have a team consisting of a lead examiner, an additional lead examiner, coordinators and assessors.

The answer sheet sets will be color coded to ensure fairness. For example, the color green could be a code for set 1 and the green coordinator will be responsible for checking the same. Assessors will recheck the scripts after they have already been checked. This will ensure that there are no errors or miscalculations and that they will be rectified.

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The CBSE has held two Board Examinations this year and the final result will include 1st and 2nd term results. During the first term, the CBSE had stopped checking teachers on the same day halfway through exams, after reports of cheating surfaced. Schools would have helped students with their papers. Several errors were also reported in some questionnaires.

More than 15 lakh students took the results of the class 12 board exam. The students demanded that the final results be based on the “best of two terms” or the score of the term which is considered better. They also asked for more weighting in the internal evaluation. According to the rules, three parameters will determine the final grades – internal assessment, term 1 result, term 2 result.

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