Charges of human trafficking laid against a Quebecer after a traffic stop in Manitoba OCN News

A Quebec man has been charged by the RCMP with human trafficking after he was initially arrested for erratic driving in Manitoba.

Jean Francois D’Asti-Brideau, 26, of Laval, was arrested on the Winnipeg Perimeter Highway in January 2021. Police said at the time it appeared a physical altercation had taken place between the man and his passenger.

The woman was later determined to be a victim of human trafficking and was taken from Quebec to British Columbia, the RCMP said in a news release Thursday.

D’Asti-Brideau was found in Kamloops and arrested on Tuesday. He is charged with human trafficking and sex offenses and was returned to Winnipeg.

During the first traffic stop in January 2021, D’Asti-Brideau became combative during his arrest and resisted officers, RCMP said in the statement. He also gave them a false name.

When his true identity became known, it was discovered that he had multiple arrest warrants from Quebec and Ontario. A search of the vehicle revealed several weapons, including a stun gun.

D’Asti-Brideau was charged with multiple weapons offences, impersonation, obstructing a peace officer and various traffic violations.

He was released in June 2021, but the investigation by Manitoba RCMP and police services from other provinces continued, resulting in the arrest for trafficking this week.

The woman eventually arrived in British Columbia, but police have not said whether she waited in Winnipeg for the five months D’Asti-Brideau was in jail or was taken away by someone else .

“For your questions regarding the victim, we won’t be sharing many details in order to protect her,” said RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Julie Courchaine told CBC News.

In its press release, the RCMP praised the work of the original officer who detected that there could be a larger matter involved than just a traffic stop.

“This is the type of crime that is not always easy to see. In this case, an RCMP officer from our central traffic services unit knew what to look for and saw signs that this couple weren’t what they seemed and called us, “Sgt. said Morgan Page of Manitoba RCMP Major Crimes Services.

“It was an excellent decision by this officer, and we were able to liaise with police departments in other provinces to move this investigation forward.”

orignal news from, CBC | Kamloops News