Charities donate $12,000 worth of drone jamming devices to Ukrainian military OCN News

According to Radio Free Europe, charities are buying Ukrainian-made drone jamming devices to donate to the country’s military. This footage shows Yaroslav Filimonov, the director of Kvertus Technology – which produces anti-drone systems and other equipment for law enforcement, security services and military units – demonstrating how to use the drone jammer on a enemy reconnaissance drone. Filimonov says in the video that the tool doesn’t damage the drone, it just forces it to lose connection and coordination, and eventually fall to the ground. This allows Ukrainian forces to confiscate the drone and read its data, he says. “The main purpose of our device is to save the lives of soldiers who are fighting,” Filimonov explains in the video. “It’s no secret that this is a new kind of warfare where drones are tasked with firing artillery, dropping explosives and doing reconnaissance.” Currently, the drone jammer shown in the video, ANTIDRON KVSG-3, is being sold for $12,000. But as demand for anti-drone technology has increased since the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war, some charities are buying the device to donate to the Ukrainian military, according to Radio Free Europe. Credit: Ukrainian service of RFE/RL via Storyful