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China did not make Iran and Saudi Arabia friends just like that, knowing Xi Jinping’s dangerous intentions ocn news

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New Delhi. On Monday, Chinese President Xi Jinping called for Saudi Arabia and Iran to play a greater role in the management of world affairs after China’s efforts to restore diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran and the agreement to restore mutual trust between the two countries.


Although Xi Jinping did not provide details of the ruling Communist Party’s agenda in his speech on Monday to mark the end of the official session of the Chinese Parliament, Beijing has been tightening under his leadership since he came to power in 2012. calls for changes in the International Monetary Fund and other global institutions. Xi has been saying that these institutions have failed to reflect the aspirations of developing countries.

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The Chinese desire to become a superpower than America
However, Xi said China should actively participate in the reform and construction of the global governance system and promote “global security systems”. Xi said this would add “positive energy to world peace and development”. This makes the intentions of the Chinese President clear that in the future, he wants to make China stronger than America and because of this he wants to unite all the enemies of America with him. Russia has already become an ally of China.

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What is the purpose of Xi Jinping
Xi Jinping wants to expand the multibillion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative to build ports, railways and other trade-related infrastructure in countries from the South Pacific to Asia to Africa and Europe, as well as to improve China’s trade and security systems.

Xi has long wanted to create a global alternative to challenge the US and its allies. The Tehran-Riyadh agreement proves that Washington is no longer at the center of geostrategic success.

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View from Latin America to Africa
Xi first focused on building economic ties between neighboring countries through his landmark Belt-and-Road infrastructure initiative, but now he is looking to expand China’s influence in relations with countries in the Middle East, Latin America and Africa. Globally, China has gained more trust than ever before from countries in the region by making friends with Iran-Saudi Arabia, which may pave the way for it to become an economic powerhouse in the future.

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