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Commenting on the current situation in Multani ocn news

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latest news from OCN,

Amri had been in the city of Senari for five days and had to leave on the fourth day. The reason for leaving more than a day before work is the compulsion of a loved one to do important work. I am writing this column during the packing process. I can’t explain the state of my heart. Talking about matters of the heart is not presumptuous. What is the point of being righteous? Amri and the city of Amri, there is little reward for love that one is willing to take. You have read about the early development of Multan in this previous work. Along with our two friends Mubashir Ali Farooq Advocate and Zubair Farooq, we also had a meeting from Multan with Prahalad. We will write separately about this meeting and Multan. So much so that the right of Multan prevails over Multani. According to Prof. Tanveer Khan, Mubasher Ali Farooq and Zubair Farooq, this first phase had three parts. In the first part, there were topics of the politics of the time, in between there were talks on some audio videos. In the third part, there were the words of Fakir Rahman and all of us who are listening. The first two parts were particularly interesting. Questions and answers taken from Professor Tanveer Khan’s questions and our answers to the discussion and answers. It is impossible not to mention the politics of the time and Imran Khan can’t be discussed about the leaked audio videos. The professor believed that Imran Khan’s popularity is very high. Yes, it is big, but it is also a sad fact that Khan and a few of his friends are now resenting the decision to dissolve the two provincial assemblies. Before these assemblies, its legal government in the state and judicial government in Punjab is judicial because it was made because of the decision of the Supreme Court and that decision was against the previous decision of the same Supreme Court. The interpretation of the constitution and the law in this case is up to us alone. However, if both governments were there, Khan would not be as helpless as he is now. Social media is definitely there, but it may not be like the three hundred dams built and the billion trees planted on social media. Even in the sound of audio leaks, his (Imran Khan) position is the same as if his calls were being picked up under the law, although he as the Prime Minister has been saying that I know the agencies tapping the phones, and my phone is being intercepted. do evil. His sympathizers and fans have reasons for discussion in the audios. There must be sympathizers and true followers, whoever they are, it is their duty to protect their leader by all means. After the religious spirit with which the Tiger Bani Gala defend themselves, they should not accuse others that you slaves have no knowledge of your own, you are just born a slave from generation to generation. A third of this seat was in the name of Fakir Rahman, rather, let’s say he took his name by pushing. First of all, this is the big problem of this Fakir Rahman, he lures our friends with his words and captivates them, then friends of good years and decades start saying, Yaar Shahji, why didn’t he bring Fakir Rahman. Now bring it, the problem is that our lamp does not shine before your smooth speech. The full court meeting of Multani Mandli was not held, however three core members namely, Azizi Tariq Shiraz and Vakil Babu Sajid Raza Thahim Advocate besides Faqir Rahman held the meeting. To the members who could not attend due to personal, family, office and marriage commitments, Sajid Raza Thahim should say that if the news of this meeting reaches them little by little, he will regret why he was not there.
In Multani Mandali, apart from Zikar Yaran, there was also a discussion about Al-Pakistani religious leader who was born in Iran and domestic and international politics. Fakir Rahman took the secret out of his basket and told it in detail and the crowd kept coming back. He also told other stories that were interesting and entertaining. The young man who was standing at the gate of Kent insisted on showing us his ID, acting in a strange way to the owner of the house. However, this episode was again settled peacefully and the group stayed at the residence of Azizi Tariq Shiraz. He is grateful that Faqir Rahman reminded that Allah has given time to another group of friends at half past four, so follow the law of eating and drinking. This advice had to be accepted. In the previous decision, Mandli emphasized the establishment of a community of unity (food was not mentioned) and urged the people of Wasib to take the suffering of their four other people as their own and participate in giving to the homeless. Follow the ancient traditions of Wasib. In the second resolution, expressing great sadness and anger at the inflationary storm and especially because of the high price of Dunhill cigarettes by Fakir Rahman, we want the price of Dunhill to be restored to the level of 2018. I had suggested that the government should subsidize the fakir Rahmans to drink Dunhill, but the Fakir Rahmans shook it off angrily and said, “Syed, I will die from the shock of the price of Dunhill.” Why don’t you die?” In the third decision of the Multani Mandli, expressing concern about the risk of increasing unemployment in Pakistan due to peace between Saudi Arabia and Iran with China who does not believe in God, this peace plan of the Chinese leadership is against the Islamic world and especially. Islam. It was declared as a major international conspiracy against and the fort of Pakistan. So, after completing the program of staying for five days in the city of Amrid Senar, he had to leave the day before.
Some time after writing these lines, I will go to Lahore. The return journey will begin. The reason for closing the five-day Multan Yatra program the previous day was Begum Sahiba’s order that it is necessary to travel without death. So, in the city of Amrid Senar, it was unknown for four days.

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