“Democratic sun will rise in the east in 2024,” said Trinamool members in Meghalaya. ocn news

# Shillong: Trinamool MP Abhishek Banerjee on a one-day visit to Meghalaya. Abhishek attacked the BJP by inaugurating the party’s new office in Shillong on Wednesday. He also officially launched the membership drive. The Trinamool Congress has long sought to strengthen its base in the northeastern states. As 12 Congress MLAs have already joined the Trinamool, now the main opposition party in the Meghalaya Assembly is the Trinamool. The ruling party of Bengal will also take part in the Meghalaya assembly elections next year.

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“Thanks to everyone here for strengthening the Trinamool Congress,” Abhishek said. There are still six months left to vote. In a democracy, people will have the last word. Those who came to power in the people’s vote in 2016 are not working. This government has become a puppet of the BJP. ” “Meghalaya will not bow its head in front of Delhi or Gujarat,” Abhishek said. North East India belongs to God, peace, harmony. Several big leaders of BJP came to Bengal. We have shown them where they are. ”

Abhishek has said that even if the Trinamool wins, Bengal will not rule Meghalaya. Khasi, Garo, Jayanti will be the residents here because the MLAs including Mukul Sangma are the locals here.

Abhishek said, “It is the only state where it supports Congress-BJP, BJP-Congress. I would like to thank Mukul Sangma for leaving the Congress. Trinamool has chosen the Congress. My request is to show the BJP their way. The sun rises in the east, democracy will be established in that east. ”

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Abhishek taunted Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma and said, “There is a Chief Minister here who joined the dinner party in Delhi instead of the flood victims in the state. I am asking the Chief Minister, what steps are you taking to resolve the border issue? ”

He made it clear that this fight is not only for the 2023 Assembly but also for the 2024 Lok Sabha. We will go to all the houses everywhere. Missed call to 96 98. I will fight shoulder to shoulder. This corrupt government must be removed. Conrad Sanma came to the government lying. In 2024, the democratic sun will rise from the east. ”

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