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Diamond Harbour: Few passengers on the morning train, sudden screams, blood coming out of wounds, violent incident with businessman in the room ocn news

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fresh news from OCN,

Diamond Harbour: It is known that at 5:40 am on Sunday morning, Masiyar Jamadar took the Sealdah up local train from Netra station and left for Garia.

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South 24 Parganas: Early morning train, so no passengers in the room. A handful of people, some sleeping, some looking out the window. A sudden scream, the passengers were stunned. In a moving train, one person is being beaten by another. Sharp weapon in hand. The passengers were shocked to see the scene. Alleged attempt to kill a businessman with a sharp weapon in the compartment of a local train in the morning. On Sunday, the incident spread to the Deula station of Sealdah South Branch. The name of the injured person is Masiyar Jamadar (38). He is a resident of Netra.

It is known that at 5:40 am on Sunday, Masiyar Jamadar left for Garia by taking the Sealdah Up local train from Netra station. When the train left Netra station, some people entered the train compartment with firearms and sharp weapons. Passengers did not notice this at first. Masiya sat on the seat like himself. Allegedly, some people suddenly attacked Masiyar’s jamadar. Taking out sharp weapons, Elopathadi started beating on Masiya Jamadar. The incident spread excitement in the area.

The miscreants left Masia inside the train compartment and went down to Deula station. The rest of the passengers overcame the suddenness and rescued Masiar Jamadar in critical condition and took him to Diamond Harbor District Hospital. When his condition deteriorated there, the doctors shifted him to Kolkata.

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It is known that Jamadar of Masiya deals in buying and selling of old items. He has a shop in Garia. He boarded the Sealdah up local train at 5:40 am on Sunday as usual. At that time, the miscreants chased him and pushed him into the train. Complaint filed with Diamond Harbor GRP. Initially, the police think that this incident is due to an old enmity. The police of Diamond Harbor GRP police station have started investigating the incident.


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