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Dissolution of Punjab Assembly MQM ‘minus Altaf’ has reconvened ocn news

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latest news from OCN,

According to the leaders of the (N) division, Pervaiz Elahi made an oath to the members of the meeting who were not happy that he would not dissolve the meeting, but they broke the meeting.

Members of the Punjab Assembly demanded from the leadership that elections be held immediately now. Nawaz Sharif replied that if PDM is willing, then I am not against holding elections soon, Shahbaz Mian.

(N) The League also failed in court, the reason for this failure is the absence of their leadership in Pakistan. During the voting, the leader of the opposition parties should have been present at the meeting, Nadia Naqi

In 2018 elections, just as MQM was divided for the benefit of PTI, now MQM is being mobilized for another purpose. According to reports, security could be made a problem to delay the election of the local body, Nadia Naqi

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