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Donald Trump Criticizes Canada-US Summit Deal, Warns Against Possible Impeachment

Former US President Donald Trump has criticized the Canada-US summit deal made by US President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, calling it a “terrible, horrible deal” for the United States. During his first rally since announcing his candidacy for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, Trump warned against possible impeachment and expressed his support for the imprisoned January 6 US Capitol Rioters.

Trump also highlighted Canada’s treatment of the US on trade, despite calling Trudeau “a great gentleman.” He claimed that the deals made by Biden were good for Canada but terrible for the United States. In contrast, Biden and Trudeau discussed various cross-border issues during their summit, including strengthening the Nord, tackling illegal immigration, advancing renewable energy efforts, and supporting Haiti.

In addition to his criticism of the Canada-US summit deal, Trump also commented on Biden’s slip during his speech in the House of Commons, where he mistakenly thanked China before correcting himself to thank Canada. Trump used this as an opportunity to highlight allegations of foreign interference by China in federal elections.

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