Eurovision viewers praise Sam Ryder’s ‘lovely golden retriever energy’ after big final performance OCN News

Entering the UK for Eurovision this year, Sam Ryder was warmly welcomed by the Eurovision crowd in Italy as well as fans in the UK. British Eurovision broadcast commentator Graham Norton has highlighted how much Sam Ryder has done to change the UK’s negative perception of Eurovision in recent years.

Just seconds after Ryder performed on the eurovision stage in Italy, Turin, @leemondo20 wrote ‘SAM RYDER FOR VICTORY! #UK #Eurovision’.

Commenting on Sam Ryder’s signature look of rocking his long locks, @kieran_nee wrote ‘Sam Ryder will one day make an amazing Santa Claus. #uk #Eurovision’. Highlighting the heartwarming effect Sam has had on many viewers throughout his time competing this year, @ebanks_brook9 wrote “I tell you what, a weird crush on Sam Ryder”. What a #Eurovision guy.

@hilary___b also talked about Sam’s infectious vibe when he typed “Sam Ryder really has a lovely sigh of golden retriever energy.”

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Ask the big question that really matters, @ATBlakeley boldly asked ’22. The United Kingdom. Let’s go Sam Ryder of TikTok fame. Make us proud. Bookmakers like it but Europe. That’s the big question. Definitely not a zero point performance! #Eurovision #Eurovision2022′.

Some viewers were pleasantly surprised by the quality of Sam Ryder’s performance as @TurtonSam wrote ‘I really like this. #SamRyder #Eurovision‘. @MattKamen wrote ‘Sam Ryder is much better than I expected #UK #eurovision‘.

@SwindyMiller wrote ‘Spaceman by Sam Ryder. Phew. Such a fabulous song and he’s got a hell of a game of pipes on him. Come on man! We are all rooted for you #Eurovision

As Sam’s performance continued, more and more tweets appeared that shared their hopes for him to win the competition. @kimaya_naidoo wrote ‘Sam Ryder is so cute hope he gets points #Eurovision‘, while @emrobros wrote Sam Ryder seems like such a nice guy”.

Showing off his welcoming personality, Ryder ended his performance by daringly shouting “shine bright my friends – thank you all”. Graham Norton then briefly continued by commenting on “A powerful performance”.