Farnworth residents plead to stop lorries from driving down their street OCN News

HGVs cause inconvenience and disruption to residents of Bolton when they arrive in the middle of the night.

Neighbors in and around Old Hall Street in Farnworth were disturbed by lorries as they tried to use the street as a passage, only to find it leads to a dead end and they have to back into the street.

When truck drivers try to make late night deliveries and turn into the street, their back-up alarm sounds as they back up and it disturbs local residents – who then wake up and help the trucks back into the street. street.

Although the affected streets are located in Farnworth, they fall within the electoral district of Kearsley.

Cllr Tracey Wilkinson of Kearsley Ward pointed out the issue.

The dead end on Lark Hill which is causing the problems. Picture: Google Maps

She said: “I know we’ve had problems with the heavyweights going down there before, but I didn’t know it was a permanent problem.

“A resident approached me about the problem, saying it had gotten worse and worse. They said they would have always put up with it, but it got absolutely crazy on the dead end road.

She continued: “A lady flagged six heavyweights in one night – it wasn’t anytime, it was the middle of the night.

“They have to back up small, narrow streets with double parking on either side of the road.”

Cllr Wilkinson pointed out that there used to be a dead end road sign at the end of Old Hall Street warning drivers and asked why there wasn’t.

She said: ‘There were road signs at the junction of Old Hall Street and the Longcauseway saying there was no through road. I asked for a sign Not suitable for heavy goods vehicles.

“The entire junction has been redesigned over the years whether it was taken apart and not reassembled or damaged.”

She also raised the issue that satnavs sometimes send people on the road, saying:

“Another resident mentioned GPS taking people there. It seems to be a combination of issues.

“The highway department can at least do some signage.”

A spokesperson for Bolton Council spoke out on the matter, saying: ‘Council has not received any complaints about this.

“An industrial premises is located on Old Hall Street and it is not a dead end, nor was it before.”

He added: “There are a number of other streets served by Old Hall Street and you can drive through the area to reach Long Causeway.”