Here are your weekly horoscope from 15th to 21st May, 2022. Sangbad Pratidin ocn news

Luck depends on the addition of planets and stars. How are you doing this week? Body health will be fine? This week’s horoscope (Horoscope) said Amitabh Banerjee.


aries1Don’t invest in a stranger’s word. There may be legal issues with the joint property. Financial problems may require financial help from parents. Big brother’s body will not go very well. However, there are no signs of a major accident. The marriage of unmarried people is strong.



Complications in the workplace hinder improvement. This time savings and attention needs to be paid along with earning. Going to help a close relative financially can ruin the relationship with other members of the family. You may have to pay for any mistakes during the week. Small farmers can get government assistance for crop loss due to natural calamities.



Don’t go for less that your full potential. Work may be transferred elsewhere. Wife’s efforts to get rid of domestic problems. The expected results in the child’s education will relieve mental anxiety. Avoid traveling by water. Mother’s health will be good. However, do not be disturbed by minor physical problems.



This week is mixed with good luck. The body-health of the newborn will not be good overall. Stress and instability can lead to neurological disorders. Improved performance in the second half compared to the first half of the week. Do not heat the head unnecessarily. False accusations can be made to help a friend in danger. Be careful about eating.

The lion


Expenses and mental anxieties due to wife’s physical problems. The possibility of his surgery can be noticed. Loans may be granted for the purchase of new vehicles. Don’t go for less that your full potential. Dancers, musicians and people associated with the arts can get government recognition for their work.



Good luck to you this week. You will be successful in whatever you do. This is a good time to start investing. Even if the situation in the family is unfavorable to you, handle it wisely. Try to identify secret enemies at work.



Can be under stress due to environmental reasons. Spend the week very carefully physically. Students’ interest in learning will increase and test results will be better. The opportunity to study abroad for higher education may be missed due to financial constraints. Father’s medical malpractice can be an additional expense.



Control the flow at the beginning of the week. Excessive spending on luxury can lead to savings. Increased complexity in love-marriage. Even if there is an opportunity for promotion in the workplace, it will not be of much benefit to you financially. When it comes to buying new vehicles, be careful while driving. The weekend may be full of bad news.



At the beginning of the week, the traders may have to fall into labor unrest. You will be happy to hear the news of the child’s progress. Don’t make big investments in lotteries or stocks this time. Stomach problems may occur in the middle of the week. Encourage your children to succeed in sports.



Spend the week very carefully. Life can be a big change during this time. Farmers and fishermen should beware of natural disasters. Disobedience to siblings can lead to humiliation. The marital peace of the newlyweds will remain intact.



Expenditure is likely to be higher than income at the beginning of the week. This can lead to debt. Candidates for government jobs can pass the entrance exam. Avoid unpleasant conversations at work. If it is your birthday this week, you can get expensive gifts from your parents and relatives.



Even if the business is running at a temporary loss, you will see the face of profit in the coming days. Happiness will prevail in the house by the grace of God. Spend some time with your parents and family alone. This is a good time for politicians. Can be a senior member of the team.

The horoscope is not infallible without ll phase and introspection. Only in the presence of the zodiac will the visible fruit be partially matched

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