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I’m a bridesmaid and asked the bride to stop a boring thing weeks before the wedding – her response left me stunned OCN News

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A bridesmaid has shared a request she made to the bride and the shocking reaction she got weeks before the wedding.

The frustrated friend took to Reddit to explain how she called the bride for delaying booking things and leaving mundane tasks for the wedding.

Bridesmaid says bride loses friendships as she plans her big day


Bridesmaid says bride loses friendships as she plans her big dayCredit: Getty

“She seems to be ending friendships because of this,” the user said on the infamous AITA channel, where people seek advice on life and conflict.

The netizen wrote that his 15-year-old friend, Jan, got engaged last spring.

The Redditor threw her an engagement party and even started a text thread for herself, Jan, and fellow bridesmaid Sarah to help plan the wedding, agreeing to check in once a week.

Since then, Jan’s marriage talks have gone way over time, the user claims.

A bride
My mother-in-law wanted to help me with my wedding - she almost RUINED our day

“It took over every conversation, and we feel like we’d also like to talk about things that are going on in our lives,” the bridesmaid said.

“Sarah doesn’t like weddings and was happy to have space once a week, but with that she tells Jan she doesn’t want to talk about the wedding anymore and needs more exchanges in their friendship.”

The Redditor said she didn’t mind talking about the wedding with Jan, as their conversations “flowed better” that way, and noted that Sarah and Jan were “working” on the friendship.

It was when the user visited Jan, who lives 1,000 miles away, that things boiled over.

“I’ve been visiting Jan for my birthday for a week and find that she hasn’t booked anything except the venue and an event planner, which she doesn’t use,” she wrote.

“Her wedding is now 8 months away and she wants 150 people there (big event!)

“I also have control issues (i.e. it gives me anxiety watching people fail/not do something myself when I could fix it) when it comes to stuff like that, so I repeatedly tell her she needs to start looking at vendors if not booking them right away.”

She said she told Jen that if the harassment got too much, to contact her, so she could stop.

The maid of honor shared how she helped create Jan’s wedding website and invitation insert while Jan was on her way to appointments.

The bride also had her wedding party wraps that night.

“As we stuff envelopes later, she watches us all do it on the phone with her mom and says how happy she is to have it done.”

Then the story took another turn, when Jan started texting the Redditor like “Can you take this for the wedding?”

“I have a conversation with her and tell her I’m happy to talk and help her plan, but I don’t want to do it for her and I don’t want to feel like I’m intimidating her into ‘she books sellers,’ she wrote.

She went on to tell the bride that if there is no action behind all the marriage talk then it is not productive and she would like less.

“She is acting for the rest of the trip. Nearly a month and a half later, she can’t speak on the phone and doesn’t appear to be able to hold a conversation,” the Redditor wrote.

She added in a comment, “If it’s too much, she freezes and I think she froze very early in the process, but still wants to hog our time with the wedding without doing anything about the wedding.”

“She seems to be ending friendships because of it, I ask her fiancé if he can help me because when I try to talk to him I can’t get through.”

Many people reassured the Redditor that she wasn’t wrong.

One commenter told the user to wash their hands of the wedding and advised Jan to use an event planner.

“It is not your responsibility to organize or plan this girls wedding. If she wants a marriage, she can grow up and do the job herself,” one said.

“She seems too self-absorbed to recognize how her behavior manifests and she wouldn’t care either. She wants all the attention but no effort,” another said.

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