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India’s Defense Ministry No.1 in the world in providing jobs: Germany’s Research ocn news

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German-based organization Statista Infographic, which collects various types of data, has told in a report that the Indian Defense Ministry is at the top in terms of job creation in the world. Statista has said in its report that there are 29.2 lakh employees in the Indian Defense Ministry.

According to the report, the Indian Army is ahead of the US and China in terms of providing jobs. The US Defense Ministry is at number 2 in terms of job placement while China is at number three. While the US Defense Ministry is giving jobs to 29.1 lakh people, the People’s Liberation Army of China has 25.5 lakh employees.

However, according to a Statista report, China’s Central Military Commission may have as many as 6.8 million personnel. But, it is very difficult to say whether any data related to China is reliable. Therefore, the Central Military Commission to China has not been included in this list.

If we talk about spending on the army, then the Indian Army is at number three, while China is second and America is at number one. According to a report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), the US spent $ 801 billion on its military in 2021. Whereas, China spent $293 billion. At the same time, India spent $ 76.6 billion on its army.

Walmart is the world’s largest employee company.

Apart from this, according to the report, America’s giant retail company Walmart has the highest number of employees in the world. Walmart is also the largest company in the world by revenue. It employs 23 lakh employees. After this, the American company Amazon is at number two, in which about 16 lakh people work.

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