Kanpur Market where purchase Cloths by Weight not in Piece | In this market, you get from Banarasi to foreign clothes by weight, you will be stunned to hear the price ocn news

If you enter any street of the divorce palace of Kanpur, then you will find this unique and shocking market of clothes. Luxury clothes shop, showroom and scales kept there. The buyer liked the goods and the weighing started on the scales. You will be shocked to see many more than what is shocking to read this. From Banarasi sarees to expensive clothes are also available here on weight. Thousands of people are earning livelihood by buying in bulk from here and selling them in retail till the adjoining districts of the city.

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what and how is this market The foundation of this market was laid about 50 years ago. Then the late Wasi Ahmed used to bring clothes from Mumbai and sell them here. After this gradually people started joining it and more goods started coming from other cities including Surat. Now consider the matter of selling in weight. Salim Khan, a businessman of Talaq Mahal, tells that in the textile industry, the thread comes in weight, from which large thaans (sets of several meters of cloth) are prepared, including pants-shirts, saris, etc. Similarly, saris are also made of thread. Many times the pieces left in their manufacture, which are called cutpieces and saris, dupattas and other clothes with minor flaws, are sold by big traders at low prices.

The market is decorated in these streets From the narrow lanes of Talaq Mahal to Chhote Mian Ka Hata, Babys Compound, Bhainsa Hata, Dada Mian Ka Chauraha, readymade market, Beconganj Bazar, wherever you go to the streets around the parade ground, the queues will be here from around 7 o’clock in the morning. Shops will be seen starting to open. The customers of this market are few common buyers, but from the traders of the city to the retail traders of Bundelkhand along with many surrounding districts, buy goods from here.

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Cloth comes from cities like Gujarat-Mumbai Traders say that from the mills of Surat, Ahmedabad and Mumbai in Gujarat, that cloth is available in weight, which is saved from the lump. When the cloth is cut, it is cut into big pieces, which after weighing in lumps at throwaway prices are sent to the market of Kanpur. Now the demand for cotton has increased rapidly, so the goods of its cutpiece are also being ordered more. These include linen, synthetic, chanderi banarasi suit, silk dupatta of Punjab.

Millions getting employment There are around a thousand small and big shops in this market of Kanpur. 10 thousand people get direct employment. 50 thousand people are connected to the city and surrounding districts. 1.50 lakh people have got employment from here. There is a daily business of Rs 50 lakhs here. In this market, three and a half to seven meters of pant cloth is available at Rs 500 to 750 per kg. Here the rate is only 100 rupees per meter.

Five trucks of cloth sold in only one city this year Trader Salim Khan told that most of the traders who sell clothes by setting up shop or hawking in fairs take cloth from this market by weight. From here, this cloth is sold in fairs and markets that are held far and wide. This year in Ajmer Urs, five trucks worth about 1.5 crore rupees went for sale.

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