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New announcement of Pakistani actress Sahar ocn news

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latest news from oCN,

Pakistani actress Sehar Shinwari has once again announced about the T20 World Cup. Shinwari has announced on Twitter that she will marry a Zimbabwean youth if Zimbabwe beats India in the match between India and Zimbabwe on November 6. Shinwari’s tweet comes a week after Zimbabwe thrashed Pakistan by one run.

“I will marry a Zimbabwean boy if his team miraculously beats India in the next match,” Sahar Shinwari said in her tweet on Thursday (November 3, 2022). Social media users have given different reactions to this.

Responding to this, a user named Bilol Bose wrote, “Marriage-waadi toh ok Mohtarma. She would love to do it with anyone. Think of Musk. He has also openly announced to pull your blue tick for 8-10 dollars. If you give, you will not give! Or wait for the IMF!”

A Twitter user named Yogesh Dahiya wrote, “Uff, your simplicity ma’am!”

Earlier on 23 October 2022, she announced that if India beat Pakistan in the T20 World Cup match, she would delete her Twitter account forever and would never return to the platform. Well, his dream of Pakistan winning over India remained unfulfilled. However, he did not delete his account.

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