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Now the original residence certificate will be made in the 5th class, | Now the original residence certificate will be made in the 5th class, the whole process will be done in the school itself ocn news

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Responsibility will be fixed in the guidelines issued by the Home Department, it will be the responsibility of the head of the institution to fill the correct information sought in the application. So that in future students do not face any problem for scholarship etc. The head of the institution will arrange to send all the documents to the competent authority for further action through the E-Mitra, CSC center set up in the jurisdiction of the sub-divisional officer authorized by the government.

There will be less rounds of children and parents, now any student has to first get the signatures of Patwari, Sarpanch and two gazetted officers to make domicile and caste certificate. After the signature of all, the student has to go to the E-Mitra center and get the application uploaded. After that the application goes to the concerned Tehsildar. After getting verified from there it goes to the concerned sub-divisional officer. After all the process is done from there, after the digital signature of the sub-divisional officer, again the certificate comes on the e-Mitra. In such a situation, the student has to go to the officials and government employees many times. In this case, you have to wait for many days. The cost of making a certificate is also very high. Now due to the process in schools, the hard work of children and parents will be less, as well as the expenditure will also be reduced by half.

Along with the children, the schools will also benefit, the competent authorities will issue the certificate in the next 30 to 60 days after checking according to the rules. If the application is rejected for any reason, the information will be given to the head of the institution along with the reasons. At the same time, due to the regular visit of the student to the school, the shortfall in the certificate will be filled in time. This will not take much time to generate the certificate. After the original residence certificate is issued, a copy of it will be kept in the school to provide benefits, concessions, facilities to the students.

According to the guide line issued by the Joint Government Secretary of Home Department Group 9, issued in fifth or eighth, the original residence certificate will be issued to the student studying in class 5 as far as possible. Due to unavoidable reasons, the domicile certificate of a student is not issued in class 5, then the domicile certificate of such students can be issued in class 8 also. The Directorate of Elementary Education has also issued instructions to comply with these orders of the Home Department.

Teacher organizations in protest On the other hand, many teacher organizations of the district say that efforts are being made by the government to impose the responsibility of the original residence certificates on the teachers. Instead, the government should appoint a person at the PEEO level in every school so that he can do mid-day-meal and other information including domicile certificate and other work on time. This will also not hamper the studies of the students.

A large number of children will get the benefit. There are more than 900 government and private primary and upper primary schools in the district. The estimated number of children of class V and VIII in the district is close to fifty thousand. Domicile certificate is required by every child. Parents of students coming from far and wide have to come to Tehsil and subdivision headquarters and make rounds of e-mitra. Now you can get rid of this.

Government primary and upper primary schools in the district block school
Dholpur 176 Bari 153
Basedi 230 Rajkheda 175
Sampou 113 Total 847 They say that departmental instructions have been received regarding this. The orders of the government will be followed.

The orders of Kedar Giri Goswami, District Education Officer, Dholpur State Government will be complied with. Orders have also come from the department. Organization heads have been banned for this. With this, they will also be able to get the original residence certificate in the government’s scheme immediately.

– Mukesh Kumar Sharma, CDEO, Dholpur


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