OMG! Woman prepared Maggi with Mango drink and Mango, people watching the video – “No, don’t try that…” ocn news

Maggi prepared with mango

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These days, a woman’s experiment on Maggi is being discussed a lot on social media because she has served everyone’s favorite dish Mangi with mango. Seeing which the users are very angry.

On hearing the name of Maggi, water comes in the mouth. Whether it is big or small, everyone likes Maggi. Maggi also has many varieties and the best thing about it is that people prepare it according to their own, some like veg maggi, some cheese and some egg maggi. Food lovers do not shy away from experimenting with it. By the way, till date, more experiments have been done on the corona than what scientists have done on it. Some are putting chocolate in it, some are enjoying it with pani puri, while there are many sirs who are enjoying Maggi milk shake. In recent times, such an experiment has happened with this Maggi, everyone’s favorite, after seeing it, you will say that it is really near to leave this planet because here Maggi is being served with Mango.

As we all know that mango season has started making mango pickle, panna and chutney in the homes of such people, but what if mango is served with Maggi? A similar video has surfaced in recent days. In which a woman is preparing Maggi with mango. In the video going viral, you can see that a woman cooks Maggi noodles normally by adding magic masala and water to a frying pan and then pours mango drink in it and then serves it with mangoes.

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This video, which is making people very sad on social media, has been shared on Instagram by The Great Indian Foodie. After seeing which everyone is surprised. The video has garnered over 1.5 lakh views and more than 5,000 likes on Instagram. Commenting users said that this was yet to be seen. Some people also said that now they will not be able to eat Maggi like that. Commenting on the video, a user wrote, ‘Do one thing.. make Maggi kheer only..! On the other hand, another user commented on the video and wrote, ‘It is a crime, brother, who does such an act with Maggi..! Another user wrote, ‘Who are these people who are fond of this method and experiment with this method with Maggi.’ Apart from this, many more people have given their comments on this.