omicron dominates in karnataka | Karnataka: Corona cases increasing, Omicron variants still dominate ocn news

Health and Medical Education Minister Dr.K. Sudhakar said that as per the genome sequencing data, there has been an increase of around nine per cent in BA.2 cases since May. Of the total cases before May, 80.6 per cent were of BA.2. But, after May, this figure reached 89.4 percent. Due to Omicron variants, cases have increased in the state. However, it is not as dangerous as the Delta variant.

Three new sub-variants in 44 cases
The minister said that between June 2 and 9, BA.3, BA.4 and BA.5 sub-variants have been confirmed in 44 samples. There are 38 cases of BA.5 and 2 and 4 cases of BA.3, BA.4 respectively. From March to December last year, the cases of the Delta variant were high, while this year the cases of Omicron were high.

According to the data, 90.70 percent of Delta cases between March and December 2021, 87.80 percent between January and April 2022 and 99.20 percent of cases in May-June were from Omicron variants. According to the report, the cases of Omicron’s sub-variants ba.1.1529 and ba.1 have now come down to 8.60 per cent and 0.04 per cent, respectively.

Genome sequencing of over 12,000 samples
So far, genome sequencing of 12,755 samples has been done in the state. Out of this, Omicron variants were confirmed in 7,620. In this 6281 were the cases of Omicron’s sub-variant BA.2. So far 4626 cases of Delta and its sub-variants have been confirmed. Of the total samples with genome sequencing, 59.70 percent confirmed Omicron and 36.30 percent confirmed delta variants.

Significantly, 530 new infected were confirmed in the state on Monday and 738 on Tuesday.