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Planned grocery store in downtown Saskatoon delayed due to City Council decision – Saskatoon ocn News Planned grocery store in downtown Saskatoon delayed due to City Council decision – Saskatoon

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OCN News,

Arbutus Properties has indefinitely delayed the Midtown Plaza grocery store they were planning for Saskatoon after City Council refused to lift a stay placed on one of their other projects.

The equity symbol was changed in 2014 and requires properties to meet certain criteria before proceeding with development. This includes the provision of adequate sewer, water and service capacity. It also forces an agreement between the City of Saskatoon and the developer for payment and development fees.

The City of Saskatoon has denied a formal request by Arbutus to remove the holding symbol for the development of a new apartment tower in the Rosewood area.

“What we basically asked them was to let us go because there is existing capacity in the existing health system to accommodate this project in the worst case scenario,” said Jeffery Drexel, president of Pitchfork. and Arbutus, “and basically, because they denied that, it caused us some cash flow hiccups because there’s money invested in there that we can’t withdraw.

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Arbutus has not currently met the conditions necessary for the removal of the operating symbol, including the provision of adequate sewer capacity and the payment of unpaid offsite charges.

This suspension and financial disruption delayed one of Arbutus’ other projects in Saskatoon, the construction of the Pitchfork Market grocery store which was to be located at Midtown Plaza in downtown Saskatoon.

“We’re not sitting on $6 million in cash, so when we have a delay like that, it delays other projects and impacts the schedule.”

Arbutus cannot say how long the delay will be and said the city is now asking them to meet additional conditions to complete the infrastructure.

Mayor Charlie Clark and seven other members of council voted against the request.

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Saskatoon’s downtown grocery store is about to become a reality

A city council report said it would protect the city from absorbing the costs of any unfinished projects and protect them from the risks of building on unserviced land.

Drexel said business with the City of Saskatoon has always encountered difficulties.

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“We had big problems. Every time we turn around, we are closed off by the city of Saskatoon. We have been growing in the city for 12 years. We brought in the second Costco, we built 220 apartments, we built a few hundred houses. We feel that we have added a lot.

“We intend to complete our projects and no longer deal with the City of Saskatoon. We will deal with Corman Park and build in other cities,” Drexel said. “We will stay away from the City of Saskatoon as long as the current board is made up as it is.

Drexel has confirmed that if they can receive approvals, they will complete the affordable housing they have been working on and the Midtown Pitchfork grocery store.

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Randy Pshebylo, executive director of the Riversdale Business Improvement District, says it can be difficult to find larger-scale grocery stores in downtown areas.

“This is not an isolated, stand-alone downtown grocery store. We have to provide service for everyone and that’s what the Pitchfork opportunity was going to be and provide a different type of food service for the region.

Although the Pitchfork marketplace delay appears to be a missed opportunity for the region, Pshebylo said the region’s needs are currently being met with the region’s 14 smaller marketplace stores.

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“Ultimately, any small business we have in Riversdale will continue to serve residents across the city.”

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