Police did not follow procedure while arresting Chitale: Thane Court | Maharashtra News: In the case of Marathi actress Ketki Chitale, Thane court said – Police did not follow the procedure in arresting, know the whole case ocn news

Maharashtra’s Thane Sessions Court, in its detailed order granting bail, said that the process of arresting Marathi actress Ketki Chitale was not followed properly by the police. On Wednesday, the court had granted bail to the actress in this case. The court said that Chitale was not given the necessary notice by law before the arrest.

The Thane Court also observed that the directions issued by the Supreme Court in the Arnesh Kumar judgment were not complied with. That is, the rules required to issue notice were not followed properly.

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It should be noted that Ketki Chitale has been released after getting bail from the court. The court, while granting him bail, said that since the investigation is over, there is no point in keeping him in custody. The actress got bail from the court on a personal bond of Rs 20,000. In fact, Chitale was arrested by Kalwa police on 14 May 2022 for a controversial post on social media against Pawar.