Rajarhat: Bidi burns all over, legs tied! Mystery surrounds the woman’s half-naked bloody body Tension after rescue of a woman’s half naked body in Rajarhat ocn news

Rajarhat: Bidi burns all over his body, frozen body falls while his legs are tied! In Rajarhat, the villagers were shocked to see the half-naked bloody body of a woman.

Rajarhat: The struggle for women’s freedom and women’s empowerment continues throughout the country. A long post on social media about Women’s Day is also visible But in reality the picture is like the darkness under the lamp. In fact, in this country, children, adolescents, young women, the elderly are not exempt. That’s why when you open a newspaper, you are shocked every day by the news of rape, murder or violence against women. Another woman’s name was added to the list of atrocities. The bloody, half-naked, mutilated body of Aleya Bibi (50) was recovered from an empty field in Gandargari area of ​​Rajarhat. The wounds of his wounds all over his body, the burning of bidis in places, the tightness of his legs

Eyewitnesses were shocked to see this body in a terrible condition. The incident caused a stir. In the thumping atmosphere, a big question mark is revolving in everyone’s mind, where is the safety of women? Rajarhat police recovered Aleya Bibi’s body and sent it for autopsy. Suspicion, the woman was killed by rape.

According to police sources, Aleya Bibi went out to work in the field on Wednesday morning as usual. There is no name to return home even though it is going to be afternoon The family members of the victim went to the field to look for him. When they went to the field, they saw Aleya Bibi, who had been tied up and taken away from home, eating loot in the field, with blood on her side. After searching around, his wounded body was rescued from a bush. The head wound was still raw blood, bidi was burnt on the body. Then the locals informed the police. Police are investigating whether Alia Bibi is a victim of demonic greed or some other reason.

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The victim’s daughter Tasima Khatun said, “I came with rice to my mother at 9.30 am and returned home at 10.15 am. My mother was not coming even though it was half past two. Then he went to the field to look for his mother, but he could not find her. The dishes and rice were all scattered, there was blood on the side. Then I went home, called Dada Baudi and went to look for him again. Then I got my mother. Someone hit me with a mallet, I think he hit me with a knife. ”


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