Sarab Adivasi Sangathan – Uttarbanga Sambad with multiple demands in Falakata ocn news

Tribal organization in Falakata with multiple demands – Uttarbanga Sambad | Latest news and happening about North Bengal today

Blank: The North Bengal Indigenous Development Council has been vocal in its demands for land lease, increase in daily wages of indigenous tea workers, employment of all educated indigenous youth, and construction of houses in government projects. A procession was held in Falakata on Friday at the initiative of the central committee of the organization. Later, they handed over a memorandum to the chairman and video of Falakata municipality on various demands.

Joy Prakash Baraik, general secretary of the central committee of the organization, said, “A memorandum has been issued to the chairman and BDO of the municipality demanding protection of indigenous girls and women, development of education and health system in the tribal areas. If the demand is not met, there will be a bigger movement.