So far this year 203 pilgrims died in Chardham Yatra ocn news

According to official figures, 203 pilgrims who had come on Chardham Yatra till June 26 have lost their lives due to health-related reasons. Of these, maximum 97 people died in Kedarnath, while 51 in Badrinath, 42 in Yamunotri and 13 in Gangotri.

Kedarnath Temple. (File photo Credits: Uttarakhand tourism website)

Dehradun: Despite a health advisory being issued for the pilgrimage to Char Dham located in the high Garhwal Himalayan region, 203 pilgrims have died so far due to difficult weather and health-related issues. This information was obtained from official figures.

Chardham Yatra started on May 3 from the festival of Akshaya Tritiya. It has been told that most of the devotees have died due to heart attack. Apart from this, due to the harsh mountainous weather conditions, the health of many people, especially the elderly pilgrims, also deteriorated, who were provided all kinds of medical aid including air ambulances.

According to official figures, 203 pilgrims who had come on Chardham Yatra till June 26 have lost their lives due to health-related reasons. Out of these, maximum 97 people died in Kedarnath while 51 in Badrinath, 42 in Yamunotri and 13 in Gangotri.

When contacted in this regard, State Health Minister Dhan Singh Rawat said that the Health Department is constantly monitoring this and health check-up of devotees coming from outside is being done.

He said that health guidelines are being disseminated through all media including social media so that devotees follow them and their journey remains smooth.

The death of devotees coming in the Chardham Yatra has been happening in the past, but this time these figures are relatively high. Earlier, more than 90 in 2019, 102 in 2018, 112 Chardham pilgrims died in 2017.

These figures are for a period of six months from the start of the yatra in April-May till its closure in October-November.

This time the reason for the death of more pilgrims is believed to be the arrival of more number of devotees. In the Chardham Yatra, which has been interrupted due to Kovid-19 for the last two years, this time there is a huge crowd of devotees from all over the country and abroad and in a span of just two and a half months, so far 2.5 lakh devotees have visited the Chardhams.

The Uttarakhand government has issued an advisory on Chardham Yatra, in which all the shrines – Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri being located at an altitude of more than ten thousand, due to extreme cold, low humidity, low air pressure and lack of oxygen – are being asked by the pilgrims. You have been asked to start the journey only after your health check-up.

Apart from this, in case of any problem, they have been advised to immediately reach the nearest health center and contact the 104 helpline number.

Also, very old, sick and people who have been suffering from Kovid-19 in the past have been advised not to go on the journey or postpone it for some time. In addition, pilgrims have been suggested to take a day’s rest en route before reaching the shrine.

Pilgrims have been asked to carry warm and woolen clothes, drink water during the journey, do not go hungry, take intermittent rest during hiking, do not exercise in high altitude areas.

The state government has issued health advisories on the basis of the report of an expert committee constituted in this regard, in which it was found that most of the people who died in the yatra were above 50 years of age and many of them were infected with the corona virus in the past. had happened.

Officials said that health check-up of devotees is being done continuously on the Chardham Yatra routes and so far 3,76,547 people have been screened. Out of these, 96 pilgrims have also been sent back advising them not to go ahead on the journey.

Earlier on May 27, the Uttarakhand government had told that till that time 78 pilgrims had lost their lives during the Chardham Yatra.

Director General of Medicine, Health and Family Welfare, Dr. Shailaja Bhatt had then said, “There are ups and downs on these tracking routes, and in such a situation, people do not realize the sudden drop in oxygen levels when they keep walking. People keep walking without adequate rest and then they complain of dizziness. Most of the people who lost their lives had problems like hypertension, diabetes and high blood pressure. Some people had also recovered from Kovid in previous years.

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