The audience enjoyed the fusion presentation of classical and folk music. Audience enjoys fusion performance of classical and folk music at JKK ocn news

23 minutes ago

The performance of International Fame Fusion ‘Kaharwa’ at Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) on Friday evening enthralled everyone. This fusion was based on Indian classical and Rajasthani folk music. It was directed by the well-known tabla artist of Rajasthan, Dr. Vijay Siddha. He made a successful attempt to simplify classical music through Kaharwa Fusion and make it local entertainment.

In the program, the artist performed Des Kaharwa, Mand Kaharwa, Sufi Kaharwa based on Raga Yaman and famous composition Chhap Tilak, Sufi Kalam Ishq by Bulleshah as well as Jog Kaharwa based on Raag Jog, Sufi composition Tu Karim Kartar Jagat Ko in Raga Bhopali and folk songs. The audience was enchanted by giving a special performance of Gorband.

Apart from this, he also presented Sabrang Kaharwa, Shivranjini Kaharwa etc. Famous classical singer Dr Vijayendra Gautam, folk music singer Ustad Bundu Khan Langa, sitar player Pandit Hari Sharan Bhatt also performed in the program along with Dr Vijay Siddha. Morchang and Bhapang player Raees Khan, Sonu Khan Langa on Khadtal, Barkat Khan on Dholak, Ronit Sejwani on Drums, Arjun Singh on Piano, Kuldeep Sharma on Guitar enthralled the audience with their unique performance.

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