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‘The days of Imran Khan’s next government have started from today’ ocn news

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latest news from OCN,

Former Union Home Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said that PDM Buria should tie the bed, the days of Imran Khan’s next government have started from today.

The head of Pakistan Muslim League Awami and former minister of the organization Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said on ARY News Eleventh Hour program that PDM should fasten its belt and bed of sacks, the days of Imran Khan’s next government have started from today. The whole nation is waiting for Imran Khan’s speech on November 26.

The senior politician said that a new election should be held, it should be a unanimous decision in all institutions and I say clearly that the election will be held early. All the work was done in peace. For PDM, the election is their political death knell, but the delay is causing damage to the country.

Sheikh Rasheed said that the military has left politics. The institution’s decision to distance itself from politics is good and should be applauded. Honest leadership has been appointed, I congratulate them both.

Sheikh Rashid said that people wanted Imran Khan to stay in the meeting and fight the institutions but the captain played according to the constitution and the law and ended the two-day gap. President Arif Alvi and Imran Khan showed wisdom in the matter of appointment. I congratulate them as well. They made a good decision. The country is developing.

The former minister said that there has never been any conflict between the army and the judges and there has never been any anger. For the last 7-8 months, the talks were at a standstill because I stood by Imran Khan. My devotion is till Imran Khan, I don’t want to clash with anyone.


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