The federal Green Party will choose a new leader in November OCN News


The beleaguered federal Green Party launched a leadership contest on Tuesday in hopes of announcing a new leader on Nov. 19.

The Greens will accept applications for the post until August 5 and announce a list of candidates at the end of August, with a view to starting the first round of voting in October.

People who want to vote for the party’s next leader will have until September 7 to become registered members of the Green Party, which is currently represented by two MPs on Parliament Hill.

The rules approved for the race recognize a “critical need to stay within our current financial and personnel constraints”.

The party has been rocked by financial problems and internal strife ahead of a disappointing election result in 2021, and incumbent leader Annamie Paul, a black woman, has accused some party members of racism and sexism.

Paul’s finalist in the 2020 contest, Dimitri Lascaris, has written that he will not run again – and Amita Kuttner, the current interim leader, has said she does not want the job.

This report from The Canadian Press was first published on June 28, 2022.

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