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The Magic of Books: Inspiring Young Readers and Changing Lives

Books have the power to change lives, especially when they inspire young people to read and explore the world around them. Two such books are “The Marrow Thieves” by Cheri Dimaline and “Funeral Songs for Dying Girls.”

While “The Marrow Thieves” has been widely praised for its depiction of a dystopian future where non-natives have lost the ability to dream, leading to rampant insanity, it has also faced criticism from some parents who argue that it promotes religious bias towards the Church and Catholic students. Despite this, Dimaline remains optimistic, as she sees the book as a way to encourage critical thinking and bring people together.

Similarly, “Funeral Songs for Dying Girls” explores the themes of grief, mixed heritage, and coming-of-age through the story of Win, a teenage girl who is struggling to survive in a world where she feels out of place. With the help of a ghost named Phil, Win begins to understand more about herself and her place in the world.

Both books are full of supernatural elements, from ghosts to witches, but they are ultimately about the connections that we share as human beings. As Dimaline reflects, the pandemic has made us feel disconnected from each other, but books like these can remind us that we are already connected and powerful.

For young readers who may be struggling with reading, these books can be a lifeline, providing a way to engage with the world around them and explore new ideas. By sparking their imaginations and encouraging them to think critically, these books can help young people to create themselves and discover who they truly are.

Muhammad Irshad
Muhammad Irshadhttps://onlycanadanews.com
Muhammad Irshad is a Pakistani writer specializing in US and Canada news writing.


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