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The ongoing three-day spring festival ends at Raj Bhavan ocn news

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Dehradun (Deshraj Pal). Vasantotsav-2023, which lasted for three days at Raj Bhavan Dehradun, ended on Sunday. During these three days of Vasantotsav, which has become the cultural event of Dehradun, a large number of people enjoyed the natural beauty of flowers and other arrangements. IIT Roorkee has received this year’s Chal Vaijayanti (running medal) at Vasantotsav-2023. This year IIT Rookee got awards in 13 categories, ONGC in 10 categories, Uttarakhand Forest Department in 03 categories, BHEL in 02 categories. In Vasantotsav, 186 first, second and third prizes were distributed in 62 sub-categories of 16 categories. Governor Lt Gen Gurmeet Singh (red) awarded first, second and third prizes to the winners of flower, rangoli and painting competitions for children. (The detailed list is attached.) On this occasion, the Governor launched a digital app created by the Department of Agriculture and Food Processing in collaboration with Kamal Kant Sharma. The main objective of this application is to enable all organic farmers to establish direct communication with consumers through the sale of their products.
During the conclusion of Vasantotsav-2023, the Governor said that this year the enthusiasm and participation of the people in the flower show was worth seeing. He said there was an atmosphere of joy and happiness around the Raj Bhavan during these three days. The governor said to go ahead with the mantra of success by settling and flourishing with flowers, Dehradun should be made the capital of flowers and Uttarakhand the state of flowers. He said that it will be our endeavor that Uttarakhand fulfills the demand of flowers in the rest of India. The Governor said that the combined efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture and the farmers of the state have given a commercial form to the production of flowers. By making full use of the existing opportunities for flower production in the state and the programs run by the Department of Agriculture, it will be taken to develop flower growers, which will help in the expected increase in their income. He said that prosperity and happiness will come to Uttarakhand from the sector of Agriculture, Farming and Tourism Department. We must bring about economic change by increasing our productivity. The flora of Uttarakhand is like a precious heritage, which it is our duty to preserve, develop and preserve for future generations. Along with organic farming, there is a need to promote organic farming in the state by going one step further, so that people can get healthy food on their plate. At the closing ceremony, the Governor congratulated all the winners, participants, and the main organizer of the exhibition, the Ministry of Horticulture, the Ministry of Culture and all the supporting departments for the successful organization of this celebration. On this occasion, Agriculture Minister Ganesh Joshi said that there was a record participation of people in this Vasantotsav-2023. In times to come, this festival will take an even bigger form. He said the government is establishing new standards in the agriculture and farming sector. He said that by 2025 Uttarakhand Horticulture will double the production in the flower production sector, which will also help in stopping migration. On this occasion, he gave information about several programs of the department. At the closing ceremony, Cabinet Minister Satpal Maharaj said that Uttarakhand has received a unique blessing from nature. He said we have healing medicines, honey, ghee and other products are in great demand in this country and abroad. He said that through these events, farmers get the opportunity to show their products as well as market them.
First Lady Gurmeet Kaur, Padma Premchandra Sharma, MLA Purola Durgeshwar Lal, Secretary Governor Ravinath Raman, Additional Secretary Ranivar Singh Chauhan, Director of Agriculture Dr. HS Baweja, Director of Agriculture Gauri Shankar, Additional Director Dr. , Dr. Suresh Ram, Dr. Brijesh Gupta, along with many dignitaries, public representatives and many visitors were also present in the exhibition.

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