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The President will contact me about the appointment summary, Imran Khan ocn news

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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan has decided to play with the President on the appointment of the Army Chief.

Imran Khan said that the president and I have decided that we will play legally, whatever we do will be within the constitution and the law.

While giving an interview on private television, Imran Khan said that President Arif Alvi is contacting him, President Arif Alvi will contact me about the summary of important appointments.

PTI Chairman said I doubt the intention of Nawaz Sharif, what worries me is who should be the top military officer.

Imran Khan further said which of my corruption cases do I need to finish or do I need his help to win the election.

He said business has lost confidence in this government, whoever Nawaz Sharif chooses as the army chief there will be conflict from day one, Nawaz Sharif hopes to bring a man who will defeat Imran Khan, PTI.

Imran Khan said that Pakistan went to the risk of 88%, he made such a law that white criminals could not be caught, the sea of ​​people will tell that Pakistan was not made because a small group of law.

The PTI chairman said that there is only one solution in this situation that there is no future for Pakistan without clean and transparent elections, law, the country can be saved only with political stability, if there is political stability, economy. will wake up.

Imran Khan said that the election was not held because the thieves are afraid that they will lose if the election is held, even if the election is held this movement will not stop, we want justice.

It should be noted that the Prime Minister House has received the summary letter for the appointment of the military commander and the decision of this summary is expected at any time.

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