The Queen will be released from the cage after 12 years of intervention by the Animal Welfare Board ocn news

Balurghat: After being imprisoned in a cage for 12 years in a row, Rani is finally getting a taste of release. The queen is a monkey of seemingly innocent nature. Its address is still a small cage in Balurghat Children’s Park. While in captivity, the queen was a source of entertainment to the townspeople. This time the monkey will be released on the instructions of the Animal Welfare Board of India. Guidelines have even been issued for his treatment and rehabilitation. Such an order has reached the forest department on the basis of the complaint of Bratin Chakraborty, an animal lover from Balurghat.

Showing games with animal training has long been banned by law. There are instructions that they should not be kept in cages even for entertainment purposes. Every animal has the right to grow in an open environment. Although there are other arrangements under zoo law. Meanwhile, the monkey named Rani was kept in a cage for more than a decade in the children’s park of Balurghat under the forest department. Where people were also kept to take care of him on behalf of the authorities. It has been reported that everything from his treatment to his food and drink was under scrutiny. But keeping her alone in a cage is against the law. This matter comes to the notice of animal lover Bratinbabur. He is the district president of MP Maneka Gandhi’s People for Animals.

He pleaded with Shankar Dhar, an animal lover from Alipurduar, to release the monkey from the cage. The concerned authorities of the Government of India have sent him a letter in response to his request. That letter has even reached the officials of the forest department. The letter instructed the queen to be released immediately. He has been asked to be released from the cage and rehabilitated in Raiganj Kulik Forest. On the other hand, the range officer of the forest department said that he would take immediate action in this regard.

Bratin Chakraborty said, ‘Like human beings, all animals, including monkeys, have all the feelings of loneliness, sorrow, pain, suffering. They should not be kept in cages like this. It has been banned by law. Another complainant, animal lover Shankar Dhar, said, “Like other wild animals, monkeys cannot be kept and trained for recreational purposes under the PCA Act of 1980 in India.” But he was left in the park for fun lovers. We are happy with the order to release the queen. Balurghat Range Officer Sameer Sikder said, ‘The higher authorities have ordered the release of the monkey in the children’s park. We will release him from the cage in a day or two. ‘

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