There is no tap in the mouth of the pipe, water is wasted ocn news

Playful: Water is wasted because there is no tap in time. After meeting the needs of the people, that water is being wasted due to lack of taps. Such a picture was taken on Friday in Paharpur area of ​​Chanchal gram panchayat. Residents complain that drinking water is being wasted every day due to the negligence of the administration. If water wastage continues like this, the people of the area are fearing that there will be severe water crisis in the future. The administration has not taken any initiative to stop water wastage. The administration is indifferent to all.

The people of different areas are being sensitized on behalf of the state government in water conservation. The ‘Hold water, fill water’ project has started. On the other hand, the opposite picture is being captured in rural areas. Everyone is silent when they see the waste of drinking water. Locals claim that water crisis has been created in different states of the country. The state government is conducting awareness camps on water conservation. But water is being wasted from the taps installed from PHE. BDO Sameeran Bhattacharya of Chanchal 1 said, “I am instructing the Public Health Technical Department to take necessary steps to stop water wastage as soon as possible.”

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