There was a roar, the roof of the house collapsed … ocn news

Pub’s pen webdesk :. Bibi Hawa was crying in a hospital bed in Sharan, the capital of Paktika province in Afghanistan. He lost 12 members of his family in the earthquake. The pig cried, ‘Where shall I go? Where am I going? ‘ Bibi, a nurse at the hospital, was trying to calm Hawa down. He was saying, ‘My heart is broken.

This is the picture of earthquake-ravaged Afghanistan. Many more women were being treated in the beds around the hospital where Bibi Hawa was being treated. One of them is Shahmira. He was not seriously injured in the quake. Her one-year-old grandson was lying on her lap. He was injured in the earthquake and had a big bandage on his forehead.

Another of his granddaughters is sleeping in the bed next to Shahmira. He was also injured in the earthquake. Another boy is being treated in a separate ward. According to Shahmira, we all fell asleep during the earthquake. I screamed at the sound of the earthquake. I thought, my family is buried under the rubble. I may be the only survivor.

The men were being treated in the ward next to the hospital. There a father was sitting with his son in his arms. Plaster the boy’s legs. Another child was lying under a blue blanket nearby. Tied a white bandage to his forehead. There is ‘urgent’ written in black ink. One arm broken. Describing the time of the earthquake, 22-year-old Arap Khan said, ‘The situation is terrible.

Screams and cries everywhere. ‘ Muhammad Yahya Weir, director of Saran Hospital, said they were doing their utmost to treat the quake victims. When the casualties arrived, only cries could be heard around. Yahya, the director of the hospital, added that local people were cooperating. Hundreds of people are waiting in line in front of the hospital to donate blood. A member of the Taliban government said about 300 people had donated blood since morning.

Another survivor of the quake was lying in the hospital, making a roaring noise and shaking my bed. The roof of the house collapsed. I got stuck. But I could see the sky. “The bone near my neck has moved, I have a head injury,” he added. But I can come out. I’m sure seven to nine members of my family who were sleeping under the same roof died.