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Thousands of Kanwariyas leave for Deoghar with Ganga water on Janmashtami ocn news

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SULTANGANJ: On the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami in Ajgaibinath Dham of Bhagalpur Sultanganj, thousands of Kanwariyas from Bihar-Jharkhand and other states, taking a bath in the north river Ganga, left for Deoghar Baidhanath Dham with Ganga water.

On the other hand, Kanwadia Anil Kumar Minister and Archana Chandan of Chhattisgarh said that the biggest festival of Hindus celebrates Krishna Janmashtami like Diwali. If the day is auspicious, Ajgaibinath will offer water to Baba Bholenath in Baidnath Dham while bathing in the Ganges in the north river.

On the way, Baba goes to the court, celebrating the festival of Krishna Janmashtami with great pomp. Every year on Krishna Janmashtami, we take Ganga water from Ajgaibinath Dham and visit Baba Baidnath Dham on foot. On the other hand, Pandit Deepak Pandey told that on the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami, Shiva devotees from other states and districts including Bihar-Jharkhand, Kanwaria Uttarvahini have come to take a bath in the Ganges.

Today is the day Krishna was born. That is why Kanwariya considers this day auspicious. For the same wishes, Shiva devotee Ajgaibinath, while bathing in the Uttarvahini Ganga, comes to Baba Bholenath to offer water after reciting puja.

Kanwariyas of Katihar district also told that while reciting puja at Ajgaibinath Dham on Krishna Janmashtami, they go to Devghar on foot with shouts of Baidhnath Dham Bol-Bam. Huh. Regarding this, no arrangement was seen by the district administration regarding the security arrangements in Kachchi Kanwadia Path including Ganga Ghat.

Santosh Raj’s report from Sultanganj

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