Viral Video: Dinosaur Appears at Birthday Party! See what the kids did in the viral video Party Turns into Chaos After Man Dressed as Dinosaur Enters ocn news

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Surprise Birthday Party: This video has more than 2 lakh views on Twitter. Many netizens have said that watching this video has made them laugh out loud.

Birthday party means a lot of fun, thousands of arrangements. And if that birthday party is a ‘surprise party’ then there is no point. Forced to have surprise after surprise. But this time at a surprise birthday party, something happened that scared the kids. Because one person came to that party disguised as Dinosaur. And seeing him, the children started screaming. Video of this kandakarkhana Viral In the net world. The 15-second video shows a man dressed as Dinosaur at a party. One TikTok user shared this video. It was speculated that the children might be happy to see the man dressed as Dinosaur. Enjoy seeing Dinosaur in front of your eyes. But the opposite has happened. The children started screaming in fear when they saw the man in Dinosaur’s costume appearing at the birthday party.

Dinosaurs appear at the birthday party, watch the shocking viral video

The video, which went viral, showed a man dressed as Dinosaur running towards the children. And then the children were screaming in fear and panic. All in all, the surprise birthday party started with a bang. Some of the children screamed for help. It is learned that on the boy’s birthday, the parents hired a man who was supposed to come to the party wearing Dinosaur’s clothes. That’s how the man appeared at the party. But in the end, everything turned upside down. Instead of having fun, the children start screaming in fear. All in all, the party atmosphere was very bad.

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This video has more than 2 lakh views on Twitter. Many netizens have said that watching this video has made them laugh out loud. Many have also said that since it is a children’s birthday party, one should not come to the party wearing Dinosaur’s costumes like this. The boy and his friends may be scared. Parents should keep this in mind. So it was not right to invite someone to a party after such a dinosaur dress. Because adults are also shocked to see Dinosaur on the movie screen. They are children there. So everyone should have thought it could be scary. Because in the viral video, it has been seen that the person wearing the costume of the dinosaur is running around the dive. And the children are running away screaming in fear of seeing him.