Viral Video: The tiger cub is growing in the dog’s lap! Watch the viral video Dog Raises 3 Tiger Cubs Abandoned By Their Mother Video Goes Viral ocn news

Animal Video: There is no shortage of such pictures in our society. Here Lord Krishna’s words also come to mind.

Mother is mother. And there is no limit to love for a child. Moreover, human love is a little too much for animals. At least that is what the videos that went viral on social media say. While scrolling through social media, the finger stops at the pet video. One such video has recently gone viral on social media. A tiger cub will grow up close to a tiger, that’s normal. But recently a video went viral showing a dog taking care of tiger cubs.

Videos of puppies are often viral. But in a recent viral video, pictures of three tiger cubs have surfaced. There is no less a picture in our society where one has given birth and another is nurturing and another is a mother. Here Lord Krishna’s words also come to mind. But it is not easy to think of animals.

Watch that viral video,

The viral video shows a Labrador taking care of three tiger cubs. A Labrador sits patiently. And three tiger cubs are playing around him. The tiger cubs are left by their mother. The Labrador is responsible for their upbringing in this zoo. What is the name of this love?

This viral video has brought tears to the eyes of netizens. The video was shared from a Twitter account called A Peace of Nature. The video has already reached over 1 million people. In addition, thousands of people have responded in the comment box.