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What was the compulsion to sell the gift of the Saudi Crown Prince, Atta Tarar – Daily Sama Newspaper ocn news

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The Prime Minister’s Special Assistant, Atta Tarar, has given his response to the revelation of the sale of gifts received by the Saudi Crown Prince. I. He said on the watch of the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Muhammad bin Salman. , that it is rare as it is the only watch in the world and its quality is different. Talking to Fawad Chaudhry, he said that the watch maker According to the graph, the price of this watch is more than 1 billion rupees and buy. a watch for 2 rupees. He said, “They were so innocent that the Cabinet Division fixed the price and they could not know the real value of the watch.” He went on to say “You admitted to the two cases you bought. And we sold the watch”. We estimated the amount of 10 crores and deposited 2 crores in the state treasury. He said ‘the whole process of buying and selling this watch is wrong’. He went on to say that ‘this watch should have been delivered to Tosha Khana first and after that its complete details were obtained from any famous company in the world. in a questioning manner, ‘What was the compulsion for you to sell the gift of the Prince of Saudi Arabia to Pakistan?’ There is also power. Atta Tarar challenged Imran Khan and said ‘he proves that the information we have brought about the watch is gifted. to Pakistan by the prince of Saudi Arabia, Muhammad bin Salman, they are wrong. and the price of this watch is not that high. He added that Farah Gogi is going to Dubai in a private plane and selling this watch for 35 crores. Atta Tarar said there is another question for you They said we bought this watch and then sold it, but how did this watch arrive in Dubai?.. He said, “What was the need to send it to Dubai instead of putting it in Tosha Khana. ?” He added “I agree that Omar Farooq is the worst man and criminal in the world”. A bad person cannot be worse than you. He asked how he got that watch and if he had that watch, by what route did he use it. go? The watch was taken from the Dubai Bani Gala by a creature that does not need an airplane. Ata Tarar demanded that if Imran Khan is clear, I ask Farah Gogi to be called to Pakistan on the next flight and I ask her to cooperate with him in the investigation’.



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