Worship Maa Lakshmi like this on Friday, she will be full of wealth ocn news

Kolkata By the grace of Mahalakshmi ji, a person’s life is filled with happiness. Along with this, there is also rain of money. We are sharing here with you information about how to worship Lakshmi ji on Friday.
Worship Maa Lakshmi like this on Friday:
After getting up before sunrise, after retiring from daily activities, take bath and sit to worship.
Keep in mind that your face should be towards the east.
Take a post and spread a red cloth on it. Install the idol or picture of the mother on it.
If your financial condition is not good then you should put such a picture in your temple in which money is falling from the hands of Lakshmi ji.
Keep a pile of rice in front of the post you have placed. Keep a copper vessel filled with pure water on it.
Light a ghee lamp in front of the mother’s photo or idol.
Offer sandalwood and red, yellow and pink flowers to Goddess Lakshmi. Lotus flowers are very dear to Lakshmi.
Offer perfume to them too. You can use it everyday.
Sing the aarti of Maa Lakshmi. Also chant mantras. By doing this, all the sins of a person are eradicated.
If your expenses have increased a lot, then offer a coin of one rupee every day at the feet of the mother. After a month, give this to a beautiful woman.