YouTube India jumps on the trending bandwagon and writes a classic resignation letter OCN NEWS

Writing a resignation letter is not as simple as it seems. While employees tend to be polite and write all things pleasing to the ear, recently some honest resignation letters have taken the internet by storm. The latest to go viral was a rendition of Amitabh Bachchan’s statement that the actor said while hosting his quiz-based reality show Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC). The clean and wispy resignation letter was shared by YouTube India’s Twitter account. “Whoever it is,” the letter began with the following line, “chaliye khatam karte hain (let’s get it over with).” The two-line resignation letter ended with a “sincerely yours”.


It surely reminds us that Big B started the KBC game with the contestants saying, “chaliye shuru karte hai (let’s get started).” You do not agree ? As netizens laughed at the bizarre resignation letter, Bajaj Capital’s Twitter account shared a letter in which the employee was seen giving his company an ultimatum. “Dear sir, meri neend, mera sukh chain lauta do warna mera ho gaya (please return my sleep as well as my mental well-being, otherwise I am done),” the letter read.

A few days ago, industrialist Harsh Goenka also shared an image of a parting letter, written with a carefree approach. While the letters mentioned above were unnamed, the one Goenka received was written by someone named Rajesh in the office. Sharing the letter with his Twitter family, Goenka wrote that although the letter is short, “its meaning is very deep.” He further adds, “This is a serious issue that we all need to address.”

Now, if you’re wondering what the letter was, take a look yourself:

In the letter, Rajesh wrote: “Dear sir, I resign, I do not take advantage of it.”

Have you ever encountered such strange resignations?

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