Zilla Parishad member Alka Jha filed a petition in Patna High Court against Benipatti Circle Officer Pallavi Kumari! ocn news

By applying to the District Magistrate twice, the C.O. The demand for removal, the matter was raised in the Legislative Council too!

Madhubani. Zilla Parishad member Alka Jha, making serious allegations against Benipatti C. O. Pallavi Kumari Gupta, has now filed a petition against her in the Patna High Court and has demanded her removal from the post.

District Councilor Alka Jha appointed C.O. But bullying the common people, threatening FIR by making false allegations, transferring government land to private hands, intimidating them with no regard for the problems of the common man, the common and jackfruit of the block cum zone office complex. Many other serious allegations have been made including selling trees at throwaway prices.

Let us inform that MLC Ghanshyam Thakur also appointed C.O. in the Legislative Council in March 2022. But making similar serious allegations, he had demanded appropriate departmental action including a stop to his arbitrariness, on which no step could be taken by the government till date.

Thereafter, District Councilor Alka Jha gave applications to outgoing District Magistrate Amit Kumar and current District Magistrate Arvind Kumar Verma regarding complaints of Circle Officer but no cognizance was taken by the District Administration. After that, Alka Jha, being fed up, filed a petition in the High Court against the CO and demanded immediate cognizance from the court in the said case and appropriate departmental action against the Circle Officer.